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Couponing- Where do I start?

Couponing- Where do I start?

Groceries are one of any family’s largest expenses and one that with a little effort you can save an incredible amount of money on.  Last year I saved over $2,000 dollars just at the grocery store utilizing coupons, sale stock ups (including stockpiling), and rebate apps.

Here I want to talk specifically about couponing. The idea of couponing can be a little intimidating for some Mamas. They envision spending hours at the kitchen table cutting coupons out of the Sunday paper, sorting everything into a 3-ring binder and completing long and complicated transactions in a busy check-out line. The good news is that none of this has to be true! I’m certainly not going to teach you to “Extreme Coupon” like you see on TV but instead share convenient and quick couponing strategies that I personally use to keep my grocery budget low and under control. You can leverage all these tips and tricks for the most savings or even just attempt 1 or 2 and still see a significant impact on your grocery bills. You should find whatever works for your busy lifestyle and family.

RIght up front  I want to emphasize that couponing is something you should think about as a long-term strategy. It can be frustrating and seem like a waste of time to only save $.25 here and $.75 there but I encourage you to look at the bigger picture. Let’s say that you put in minimal efforts and use $3 worth of coupons a week. If you multiply that by 52 weeks a year that’s $156 which is no small change!

So let’s assume after all this you do want to start using coupons! Congratulations! Prepare to save some serious dough! So where should you start? There are a lot of options but my personal recommendation is to start digital and not even mess with printed coupons at this point. We’ll get to those later!

First thing you’ll want to do is pick your favorite grocery store and download their app. My personal favorite is Harris Teeter but Publix, Kroger, Stop and Shop and Wegmans all have digital coupons via their app. Usually these are linked to your store loyalty card so make sure you have one of those beforehand too.

Once you have your grocery store app installed all you need to do is browse the coupons available at your leisure and click “add” on any that might interest you. Most apps will have an “added” section so you can see your selections later but it also helps to just add them to your grocery list! After that go to the grocery store, buy your items, and the coupons are automatically applied. That’s it! Instant savings and more money in your wallet!

Don’t worry if your store doesn’t offer digital coupons directly -there are plenty of other options that will allow you to still use digital coupons. For example, Walmart doesn’t have digital coupon capabilities via their app, but you can use the app to select coupons. You then submit a picture of your receipt after your purchase to get your coupons as cash back through PayPal.

Just as an example, so you can see the impact couponing can make, this week I clipped digital coupons for $3 off dishwasher detergent, $.75 off pre-made guacamole, and $1.00 on smoked turkey sausage for a total of $4.75 back into my wallet and that’s not even counting the rebate apps that I can use to get even more! More on those later ladies! If I can keep this  average up every week I’ll save $247 this year by couponing.

Give it a try this week and let me know how it goes!Happy couponing ladies!