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BRB Making a Target Run! How to Save Big with Target Circle

BRB Making a Target Run! How to Save Big with Target Circle

Hello Mamas!

Be honest- when is the last time you made a Target run? It’s one of my guilty pleasure stores and I feel like I’m in there ALL THE TIME! I’ll run over on my lunch break for a toothbrush and leave with a cart full of items that I didn’t even know I wanted. Dollar spot- I’m looking at you!

Luckily, Target offers one of my most favorite rewards programs and I can feel a little less guilty for some of my impulse buys. In my opinion best is that this rewards program requires minimal to no effort and works completely through an app on your phone.

There are a many awesome features on Target Circle but one of the best (and easiest) is their cash back rewards. Just by scanning your phone app at check-out you’ll automatically earn 1% cash back on all your purchases! That’s as much as some credit cards rewards programs! Once earned you can apply these rewards on your next Target purchase.

The other ways to save include Target Circle Offers and Target Circle Weekly Ads.

Target Circle Offers work a lot like digital coupons. Using the Target Circle app you can browse Offers by category (apparel, clothes, food, etc) and select any discounts that you’d like to apply to your purchase. These are usually deals like 10% any baby apparel purchase or $1.00 off CoverGirl makeup.

The Weekly Ads show up in the Wallet section of the app and our often personalized based on your spending habits. There are usually two types of Weekly Add offers. It could be a % off a category like 15% off all home storage solutions or they can be gift cards based.  For example, I often see a spend $100 on diapers and wipes and receive a $20 gift card or spend $20 on beauty products and get a $5 gift card. These are great opportunities to stock up on items that you’d buy anyways!

If all this isn’t fabulous enough Target Circle also lets you give back to the community. As you earn rewards you will also earn votes that you can cast for non-profits in your area via the app. At the end of each voting period Target will reward grants to organizations in your community based on the number of votes the receive.

If you haven’t already sign up by downloading the Target app on your phone. The “wallet” section shows your earnings. So far, I’ve saved almost $47 with this app by using the cash back, offers and coupon features and that doesn’t even count all the hundreds I’ve gotten back via the gift cards deals.

See you on your next Target run ladies!

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