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About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Christine. I wear a lot of hats in life including wife to my amazing husband Ben, mom to my sweet and sassy toddler Ruby and puppy parent to our rambunctious fur baby Leo. I’m also the chief operations and supply officer for my family which one of the roles that I love most. It’s my job to keep my family clothed, fed, happy and out the door on time.

Since becoming a Mama in 2018, I’ve realized the importance of spending smartly and being savvy with our family’s finances. I couldn’t believe the cost of diapers, baby clothes and groceries especially when you also want the extra things like vacations, cute and stylish clothes and quality baby/kiddo gear- which I do! There had to be a better way.

It was around this time that my mother-in-law introduced me to couponing and I’ve never looked back when it comes to scoring bargains. It amazed me how much money I could keep in my wallet with just a little effort and planning! Now it’s not uncommon for me to save $30-40 or more on a grocery trip or pay pennies on the dollar for my daughter’s wardrobe.

I now want to share everything I’ve learned to help other Mama’s be Stylish and Savvy with their finances too. Around here you’ll find that my spending philosophy is focused on a couple guiding principles:

  • You rarely need to pay full price on anything and that includes groceries!
    • Between coupons, sales, rebates, and reward apps you can usually find a way to save money on just about any item that you buy.
  • We’re all BUSY Mamas living crazy lives, and no one’s got time to clip coupons from newspapers or scour the internet for hours for the best deal.
    • The Stylish and Savvy Mama is all about saving money with minimal effort. I’ll guide you through the most effective way I’ve found to coupon as well as bring you the best deals in real time on my Facebook page (Follow us here!).
  • There is no need to sacrifice style or quality to save money. You can have it both ways!
    • I’ll show you how to score on name brand and trendy clothes, baby and kid gear, home goods and more! I’ll also teach you about when it’s okay to go generic or buy that off brand from Amazon (PS they have some great clothes there now!). I have a giant closet full of clothes, shoes and bags that I don’t feel guilty about as I didn’t pay full price for any of it.

I should also mention that my philosophy when it comes to spending and saving money is that every little bit matters. Saving a dollar on diapers is a dollar that I can spend later or apply to a financial goal like paying off student debt or saving for retirement. Even something as small as using coupons to save a couple bucks a week adds up. $3 savings a week over 52 weeks add up to $156. Now imagine using rebate apps and sells to increase savings to just $10 or $20 a week. That’s as much as $1,040 in your pocket. Now we’re talking!

I hope that some of what I’ve learned helps you and your family with your financial goals and ultimately living your best life. That’s what its all about.

You might ask- what does Christine’s best life look like? Well when I’m not out hunting for a bargains you can usually find being silly with my daughter, figuring out our next travel adventure or cooking up a storm in my kitchen (my husband says I have a habit of dirtying every pot we own). Of course, I’ll be sharing all sorts of meal planning and recipe tips here too! From a financial goal perspective we focus on debt free and are planning to retire 10 years early.

Again- thank you for visiting my page. Best wishes to you and your family.